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PumpedNM is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that supports children with type-one diabetes. PumpedNM is built on the belief that every child deserves the ability to live a long and prosperous life. We support local New Mexican families by covering the cost of insulin pumps, after insurance, for children in need. We truly believe that through insulin pumps, we can improve a child's wellbeing and quality of life. PumpedNM is an advocate for the type-one community and believes, regardless of income, status, or current situation, everyone deserves the right to the best technology.  

PumpedNM was started because my son, Liam, was diagnosed with T1D at the age of ten. We were completely blindsided when the doctors told us the news. We had gone in for a routine checkup and they thought he possibly had a thyroid issue. The doctor decided to run full blood panel. Liam was found to have an elevated A1C and was positive for > 2 islet autoantibodies. In the setting of stage 2 type 1 diabetes, he was initially managed with lifestyle modifications. One year later, lifestyle modifications became inadequate, and Liam required insulin therapy and started on multiple daily injections, which he struggled with.  He started, like all kids do, learning to inject himself with a syringe and then later we upgrade to an insulin pen. Even with the pen, he wasn’t hitting his target A1C levels, which is important for his current and future health. With the pen, he was injecting himself about 6 times a day; before meals, snacks, night time bolus and more if he needed corrections. Then after several months, we finally got the insulin pump and his entire quality of life changed. He was now able to insert the insulin port once every 3 days and gave him the constant insulin he needed. Now, before a meal or snack, he enters the correct carbohydrate count and it will dose for him. No more multiple injections a day. His A1C levels had improved greatly at his next doctor’s appointment. His father then received a bill for $4,000. That was after the insurance had paid their portion. I started thinking about all the parents and children who couldn’t afford to pay and were forced to keep using the daily multiple injections. I want these T1D warriors to get the options they deserve without money being the issue. I talked to my son about possibly starting this nonprofit and that has now become a reality. His response was “Mommy, as long as I can give one kid a better life, I would be happy”.  So, I began the journey to help New Mexico’s children pay for the cost of their insulin pumps after insurance.  No parent should ever have to choose, or not have this option and feel guilty because financially, they can’t afford it at this time. Plus, no child should have to be without a pump and should be given the best chance at a better quality of life.  

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